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An accurate jewelry appraisal is vital when getting your precious jewelry properly insured.

At David Hayman Jewellers, our appraisals include a written description of the item, precise measurements, diamond color and clarity, content of precious metal, photographs, and replacement value.

If you’d like us to appraise your jewelry, just bring the piece(s) you need appraised into our store. Come prepared with any relevant paperwork that you have on the piece, including the diamond grading report and/or any other certificates that should be included with the appraisal.

You'll leave your jewelry with us for a couple of days so we can clean, photograph, and inspect it. We will call you once your appraisal is complete and schedule a time for you when you can pick up your precious jewelry and we can review the details of your appraisal with you!

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Insuring Your Jewelry

Once we appraise your jewelry, we highly recommend getting it insured through Jewelers Mutual. They have zero deductible plans and cover against theft, loss, and wear & tear.

When you insure with Jewelers Mutual, we are happy to submit your finished appraisal to Jewelers Mutual on your behalf. Then, Jewelers Mutual will promptly email you your insurance quote within 48 hours.
Jewelers Mutual